Your pictures should mean something to you. You live this life once + having something to remember it by is a beautiful testament to your adventures + memories. When you book with me; I no longer consider you as a client, but more as a friend. So outside of emails, I always set up time for us to meet for coffee, dinner, or just a brief chat. That way we can meet in person + I can ensure you always receive my best work. In regards to Packages, I am more than willing to customize a package if the ones listed below aren't fitted to your needs. I care deeply about the design, style, and vibe you're looking for in pictures + I will always offer my help with all finer details to make your session shine.

Listed below will be the quick overview of what I offer. I do provide a more in depth pricing brochure, but I'd prefer you to see what's here and allow that to spark a conversation. All inquires + requests for more information can be directed towards my contact page or e-mail.


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