Gabby + Alex

If you've ever been to Avon, New York (just 30 minutes outside of Rochester, NY) then you've probably heard of the famous Tom Wahl's: the original 50's inspired diner with the homemade Root beer + fresh burgers.

It's a true Western New York gem + if you've never been I would highly suggest a road trip! After you're several bites into a burger + two glasses deep into a frosted mug of root beer-- you'll thank me. You may also feel inspired to find your leather jacket or poodle skirt because between the multicolored jukebox + the black n white checkered floor; you'll feel like you're in the 50's.

Between the food + atmosphere: the original Tom Wahl's is a perfect place to visit but it just so happens to be one the best places to do a photoshoot.

Community has been a HUGE part of getting through the winter + coming up with new ideas for photoshoots. So in partner with Emily Watkin's Photography + Haley Root Photography; we put on a last minute 50's themed styled session with Gabby + Alex, our lovely models.

It would be easy to gush over allllll the details of the day: but it would be MUCH better to show you. So if you're ready for the French fry eating, booth snuggling + root beer drinking fun-- then check it out!

xx Cecilia