Karly + Andrew

Before I gush about how perfect this whole session was, I'm going to let you in on a fun fact about me. I am NOT a fan of surprises, when I'm the one being surprised. Idk if it's my background in criminal justice or my annoying habit of constantly wanting to plan things, but I can usually sort out a surprise before it even happens. It drives my fiancé absolutely insane, because he has to go to lengths to pull something off and I still get a hunch of what's going on. (ex: I kinda knew he was going to propose, I just wasn't sure when)

HOWEVER, the only time I truly like surprises, is when I can help plan them for others. Karly + Andrew were the winners of my Small Business Saturday session giveaway. Karly and I clicked right away (probably helped she's also a photographer in the Buffalo area; go follow her > @karlyanitaphoto) and we set up the session date. I was excited to work with them overall, but then Andrew reached out to me a few weeks later with an idea. He asked if it would be okay to propose to Karly during our session + if I could help him surprise her. Naturally I SQUEALED with delight, OF COURSE. DUH. Pinch me.

So in the days leading up to the session, it was almost comical keeping this a secret. Both Karly + Andrew were messaging me on Insta about their session (their names were literally right next to each other in my inbox) and I panicked a few times thinking I would accidentally answer the wrong person and blow the surprise. I was relieved when the day finally came. AND IT WAS PERFECT.

It snowed, it was magical, and Karly had absolutely NO IDEA what was planned. We adventured around the park, I took some candids + waited for Andrew to drop some hints to let me know when he was ready to propose. Something that has always stuck with me when photographing a surprise engagement, is that first initial reaction after the s/o gets down on one knee. Being your typical enneagram Type 4: I cry + laugh behind the camera + share that same excitement. It brings me back to the memory of my proposal over and over again. And Karly + Andrew's proposal was just as sweet + beautiful as I had imagined it would be.

CONGRATS YOU TWO. Thank you for letting me be a part of this chapter of your story + trusting me to capture this special moment in your life. I cannot wait to celebrate + capture your wedding too!

xx Cecilia