Spontaneous Shoot + Hike

Hi friends! I'm missing my family a little extra today (thank you COVID-19); so I've decided to highlight my favorite crew on the blog today.

Little back story for you guys: I grew up in Rochester, NY and moved to Buffalo for school when I was only twenty years old. School didn't exactly work out for me, but I did meet my fiancé (win!) and when we moved into together, I did leave behind my family in Rochester. I was worried at first that it would effect my relationship with my family, but its really true that distance only strengthens your bond. And when you really want to see your fam-- an hour is NOT a bad commute. Must haves for me on a car ride: my tunes (check out my drive drive drive playlist on Apple Music) my current fav podcast (check out the Heart + Hustle on Spotify by Evie + Lindsey) and my Diet Coke.

Now I know some of you reading this are not surprised by any of this info-- haha especially if you check out my insta story or FB feed on a weekend, you'll definitely peep my mom, my brother, my soon-to-be sister in law, and most likely the pets. This weekend was the last time I was able to hang out in Rochester with my fam before COVID-19 was like, ha jokes on you, you're stuck in Buffalo. One of my favorite parts of being home is I never know exactly what the plan is going to be; and that goes against everything that I am in reality. I love having a plan, knowing what's going to happen next + having a time-frame to follow; so being able to let loose + go with the flow feels good. And that is usually how these spontaneous shoots + hikes happen.

One of my favorite spots to adventure with my brother is Hemlock Lake in the tiny tiny town of Hemlock, NY. It's one of New York's local water sources, so the lake is clean, clear + absolutely beautiful to hike. You can find it just past the town of Avon (yes, home of the Original Tom Wahl's; you can check out that blog post here) and the best part is you can hike, fish, or just relax in a non-motorized boat. The hike is dog friendly as long as you scoop the poop + it makes for a fun afternoon in nature.

Our impromptu shoot was a "please pull over on the side of the road, that's a gorgeous view" and it just so happens that my brother and his fiancé are the PERFECT couple to model. So a big HUG + thank you to them for always being so down for my ideas. Enjoy our little day of fun!

xx Cecilia

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