Emilia + Spencer

It seemed fitting that my first blog post, ever, should showcase my first wedding of 2020. I'm new to this whole blog idea; so I ask you to be kind, as I try to stay consistent with it + not write y'all a book to read each time.

I met Emilia + Spencer back in September when I did their engagement session; and it was an instant connection. We became fast friends; but it wasn't hard thanks to Emilia's bubbly personality + HIGH-energy spirit. However it was totally those qualities that made Spencer look at her with puppy dog eyes through the whole shoot.

I have to say that I truly believe in the saying that "rain is good luck on a wedding day" after experiencing this wedding. Despite it being January in Western New York; we weren't getting winter weather advisories but rather FLOOD warnings. It was 50 degrees and poured, all day.

The beautiful part about the whole situation was that the weather had absolutely no effect on the magic that was their wedding day. From getting ready with her super Spanish Mom (the cutest hype-mom EVER) to the first mini reveal with her bridesmaids + then another mini reveal with her dad and grandpa. There was tear-jerking moment where Emilia gave her father a special gift before the ceremony, and I loved capturing the two of them snuggled up on the couch opening it together. I was surprised to find out that Emilia's dog would be joining us (IN A TUXEDO) and walked down the aisle with her maid of honor. Their ceremony was short and sweet but their personal vows to each other really stole the spotlight. Spencer read the first part of his personal vows in Spanish. There was not a dry eye in the room. The reception was FUN. PLAYFUL. Emilia and Spencer's first dance started as a slow sway, but ended in a seeeexy Spanish dance. The bride's dad made an unexpected speech, + their brother and sister in law made a sweet toast full of good marriage advice. There was not a spot in the whole room where you couldn't feel love radiating. It was contagious and the overwhelming support that came from both sides of their families was a beautiful thing to witness.

So without further ado; my favorite images.

xx Cecilia