Snowy Tifft Nature Preserve

Excited to FINALLY write about this adventure session: especially because it was much needed + I spent some quality time with photog friend of mine! And it was in real life this time, not over Insta.

Snow storms are Buffalo's speciality; and in the winter they make for excellent photos. Until you get bored of white fluffy snow, but hey. PERKS of living in New York. Then night before the shoot, I sent out a message looking for someone to shoot with me if we got our predicted snow storm. Kelly immediately jumped on the idea + was down for my crazy idea to drive out in a snowstorm. I only say crazy, because to anyone else who doesn't live in a state where snow storms are a usual thing, driving in one isn't always a bad idea.

We met at Tifft Nature Preserve, one of Buffalo's local nature gems. (seriously, if you haven't visited, I HIGHLY suggest you do) Each season is stunning in this location, between their nature trails, and the hills of rolling tall grass. (Only downside, it isn't pet friendly). However, despite the "no pets allowed" rule, the amount of wildlife you will stumble upon during your time there does not disappoint. I mean like- deer, birds (ones that will take feed from you in the winter), and other little critters. The other thing that didn't disappoint, was the snow.

Kelly and I really got to walk around + chat about all things photography; the struggles, TAXES, building a sense of community, making friends in the biz, and of course- taking pictures. Like our favorite sessions, the horror stories of sessions gone wrong...clients, the good and bad. It was refreshing, it gave us an excuse to shoot, and I truly gained a wonderful friend out of the whole experience.

xx Cecilia