Think of this as my icebreaker-

Just a lot less awkward + you don't have to share your favorite color or what you did over summer break. Deal?

I find the more you know about me; the easier it is for us to establish a connection, build a friendship, brainstorm your dream session, gush over your wedding dress, laugh over wine...and well you get it. Any Moscato drinkers in the house?

Photography is something that I've always loved. I can't remember a time in my life that I wasn't running around with a camera: family functions, high school band trips, backstage at local theaters and for a period of time-- crime scenes. It's always been a part of my life, but it wasn't until I got engaged that I really feel in love with the whole idea of capturing others + pursuing it as my career. I'm extremely passionate about being involved in your day and documenting all the beautiful moments that come with it.  

Fun Fact: I call Rochester + Buffalo, home.

Born and raised baby! I love these NY cities with my whole heart-- hence the reason you can always catch me bouncing between both of them for sessions. But really you'll find that no matter where you ask me to go-- I'm really just a sassy, short boss lady who is intrigued with unique stories and lives to be behind a camera

I'm your typical stay-at-home dog mom, editing my life away; however on a day off you can find me at the beach, sipping Diet Coke or a good Moscato, eating Oven Brick Pizza, or as of recently, wedding planning. I adore any kind of view-- mountain, sunset-- you name it; but really my heart belongs to my dog-- Dixie do and Dylan, the incredibly cute guy I'm engaged too.

Other fun + totally random things I simply adore:

  • traveling to places I've never been
  • the Buffalo Bills
  • COWS
  • a garbage plate (if you know, you know)
  • musicals
  • Ed Sheeran + Taylor Swift
  • national + state parks
  • really crappy predictable crime shows
  • a good ol' bonfire

If you can check off any of these on your list-- congrats! I'm probably your photographer.

xx, Cecilia