howdy, howdy, howdy

Cecilia, the Photographer wears SO many hats. Friend. Dog Mom. Wife. Cowgirl-wanna-be.

BUT as Cecilia, your picture person, I'm interested in establishing a connection and building a friendship with you. I can help you brainstorm your dream session, coordinate cute outfits, gush over your wedding dress, bond over your fav drink and some good food....and well you get it. The idea is to give you a full + genuine experience from the minute you slide into my DM's until the full gallery + product is delivered.

Photography is something that I've always loved. I seriously can't remember a time in my life that I wasn't running around with a camera: family functions, high school band trips, road trips, backstage at local theaters, and for a period of time-- crime scenes. (YUP. CSI, but real life.) Taking pictures has always felt like a part of who I am; but it wasn't until someone dropped the " wow, you're really freakin good at this" line that I really feel in love with the whole idea of capturing others + pursuing it as my career. I'm still growing, still learning + pushing my creativity, but above all I'm extremely passionate about being involved in your life and documenting all the beautiful moments that come with it.  

in the words of Dolly Parton,

"find out who you are, and do it on purpose."

SO who am I?

I'm an Enneagram 7w8, an adventurer, traveler, a wildflower unafraid to grow. I embrace being a wife, typical dog mom, and on a day off you can find me working on some embroidery (ALL the grandma vibes.) Sipping on Diet Coke, eating Oven Brick Pizza, or Mickey D fries is my fav. I'm obsessed with any kind of traveling-- mountain, ocean, country-- you name it; let's do it. I'm always thinking about my next road trip or airplane out of here. My heart belongs to my little family; especially Dylan, the incredibly cute guy I'm married too and our dog Dixie.

Other fun + totally random things I simply adore:

  • Buffalo Bills
  • COWS
  • a good rodeo
  • Ed Sheeran
  • reading a really good book
  • hanging out with my family

If you can check any of these off your list too-- congrats! We're probably going to be best friends.