The Roots of a photographer

I'm Cecilia.

I'm fascinated with people's roots- where you're from, who or what you call home, things that ground you in life. My beginning started in Rochester, NY and led me to drop a pin in Buffalo a few years ago. Who I was as a person, a photographer, changed when I learned there's a lot of beauty in traveling outside of your hometown- but allowing pieces of it to remain within you. Much of which led to a new profound love for traveling, pushing all my comfortable boundaries, + starting over. The roots I've planted are only starting to grow as I make my own life with my fiancé Dylan and our adorable pup Dixie Girl. Life is just really cool like that.

We get to spend some of the best days of your life together

I find the more you know about me- the easier it is for us to establish a connection and a friendship. For instance, Cecilia Denise Photography wasn't a thing until 2016, but I've been pretty much taking pictures my entire life. I have a degree in Criminal Justice + Forensic Science that I may never use now, but I can point out every flaw in a TV Crime Drama. Being an emotional human, means, lucky you, I'll invest my very best self into our friendships and business relationships. I'll laugh, cry, bust a few moves at your wedding, pet your dog, + always always say yes to an after session ice cream. If you are down to earth, go with the flow, willing to sometimes get a little crazy for the shot kinda people- congrats, it' meant to be. I'm your girl.

When I'm not editing my life away, you can typically find me at the beach, co-parenting my adorable puppy, sipping Diet Coke, eating Pizza, or as of recently, wedding planning. Things I squeeze in whenever possible- t r a v e l i n g, watching football (GO BILLS), involving myself in something musical, chasing sunsets, planning spontaneous weekend getaways with Dylan, and always always visit my friends + family back in Roc City. (Try a Garbage Plate, you'll thank me later)


Donald + JASIBEL

“Words cannot describe how incredibly happy and blessed I feel to have had Cecilia as our photographer for our wedding. She is all of the things you would wish to have in a photographer and more. She is wonderfully kind, friendly, flexible, professional, and SO talented. Not only were my husband and I so happy that we hired her, but we received so many comments from both our wedding party and guests about how wonderful she was. I encourage those looking for a photographer to look no further!”

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To my clientfriends-

Wedding days should be seamless, filled with laughter + romance. Engagement pictures, senior sessions, + family portraits will be be comfortable, fun, + images you can cherish for years to come. If you're not scared off + think you're ready to see what else is in store, then I really can't wait to meet you!

xx Cecilia