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welcome to Cecilia Denise photo-- let's make magic!

I'm Cecilia.

A girl boss from NY who is living out her best + biggest dream.
Weddings, elopements, couples and lifestyle sessions are my bread + butter.
I focus my intentions on your intimate, candid reactions-- to capture all those real emotions.
I make it my #1 goal to make sure we have the BEST freakin' time during our time together-- and that every session and wedding means something.

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Kind Words

Kind Words

Melissa + Keith

Cecilia was the PERFECT choice to do our wedding photography. Her professionalism is on another level + I'm amazed with what I've seen so far. She is BEYOND talented-- so easy to work with, and so kind. She makes you feel so special and takes great pride in her work. I seriously cannot recommend her enough.

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